The Most Efficient Way to Send Newsletters to Your Contacts

Creating an engaging and consistent email newsletter is hard. Creating a second, third, and fourth one for your different products and audiences is even harder.

This is where we can help!

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We come up with the ideas
We write the content
We send it out

We are your company's one stop shop when it comes to email newsletters

3 Easy Steps


Tell us about your business and industry

By filling out our 5min form, and give us all the essential details about your company and what you would like to include in your newsletter, we then take that and build our a profile and list of stories that will fit your organisation.


15min Approval Process

Each fortnight we will generate a email newsletter that has been designed, written and tailored to your business, your industry and your clientele. We send it to you the exact same way your subscribers will, and if you are happy with it, say "approved" and that's it.

View your results
Once the email is sent, you can look over the results and see which are your most engaged subscribers.After that, we repeat the process all over again.
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Why You Need News Hippo

In today’s era of digital advertising, newsletters are still the best way to engage with customers. They are direct, connected, and engaging, but it’s not easy to make and sustain a newsletter. Perhaps that’s why companies across industries are hiring experts for email support: writers, designers, developers.

News Hippo exists to take that whole process to make it even easier than that. We are your one stop shop for managing all of your company’s email newsletters.

Don't worry about coming up with ideas on what to put into your newsletter. Don't worry about organising graphic designers and copywriters. Don't worry about managing your email list and the admin work of actually sending it out.

The reason is that we do this all day, everyday for our clients and have achieved great results. Leave the newsletters to the experts and let you focus on being everything you need to be for your clients.

Our Pricing Is Just As Simple As Our Product

Flat Rate
$250 + GST

Fortnightly emails designed and written and sent, no matter the audience size.

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Flat Rate (billed annually)
$2700 + GST

Fortnightly emails designed and written and sent, no matter the audience size.

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